Technical visits



I am benefitted by my language skill not only when translating and interpreting.  With the combination of languages and the knowledge of the Danish society, I am able to coordinate programs for various delegations and study groups.

Japan has a tradition which is more than a thousand years old of dispatching envoys and study groups to abroad in a large extent. As early as in year 630 representatives of Japan’s imperial government were dispatched to the Tang Dynasty to learn about the Chinese political system, culture etc.

Interest shown by the modern Japanese delegations in learning from Denmark covers a wide range of professional area.  Sometimes it is as specific as institution of CLASS ACTION, or TAXATION OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES.  Sometimes it is as broad as DANISH AGRICULTURE.  The following shows examples of recent fields of interest.

Elder Care

Up to year 1997 when Japan adopted a new legislation concerning care of the aged, hundreds of delegations were sent mainly to Germany and to Denmark from the central, prefectural and municipal governments.  They visited not only public authorities but also private companies which supply home care services or devices and machineries for physically impaired persons.  Visitors were very well prepared and compared the two contrasting models – one tax-financed (Denmark), other insurance model (Germany).

I have produced numerous programs during those years and still do.  Such programs usually contain lecture about the system by researchers or municipal key persons, visits to various types of nursing facilities or specialist centers of technical aids, rehabilitation training, home help, home nursing or other related services such as meals-on-wheels etc. etc.

Sustainable energy sources, environmental care all around

2011.03.11. – the date of the horrible earth quake with a following tsunami which hit the coastal area of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.  The damage was so huge, that today (January 2014) many people are still referred to some temporary living solution.  The damage to the nuclear power plant continuously threatens the area with contamination of the sea water around.

Manypeople want to ban nuclear power plants, and promote wind and other sustainable energy sources.  This has meant a new tide of sustainable energy tourism, which again has led me to meeting arrangements and visits to power stations, wind mill parks, biomass power/heat generation, etc.etc.  Themes around smart grid for electricity transmission and district heating system utilizing heat from power stations or waste incineration  are also popular visit destinations.