I am a native Japanese, and have lived a large part of my life in Denmark.   Therefore it is no wonder that I love to engage myself in interpretations and translations between Japanese and Danish.

However a new tendency requires that not two but three languages shall be involved for the task.  The world is getting more global, and Japanese people are more used to conduct parts of their working situation in English. For me as translator and interpreter requirement for English skill comes in addition to Danish and Japanese more and more often.

I was born in Japan and grew up in Japan. In my high school days I lived in the US for one year. Now I have my daily life in Denmark, a life where both daily and social life is conducted in Danish.  At the same time Denmark is one of the countries in the world, outside US, UK and former British colonies, where a very large portion of the population is fluent in English.  Therefore in my everyday life I am constantly in touch with three languages.

For me it is therefore a welcome challenge that I am allowed to be a part of the solution which minimize the distance between Japanese, Danish and English.