Midori Fischer

I was born and grew up in Japan only interrupted by a year in Minnesota, USA as an exchange student.  In 1964 I moved to Denmark, and still live in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Danish is no longer a foreign language to me, but my alternative mother tongue, whereas Japanese is still indisputably my first language.  Living in Denmark I experience that the English language is used all around in everyday life.

Japanese tour operator

For many  years in Denmark I managed an office for a Japanese travel operator rendering various services to incoming Japanese tourists.  We booked 4-5 star hotels, ordered great meals, arranged for unforgettable experience, and delivered guides, interpreters and other personal services. We surfed on waves of high economic growth.

When that period lasted no longer, the Scandinavian offices were rationalized and the operation was merged in one Scandinavian office in Oslo. I still cooperate with Miki office in Oslo, but have chosen to stay in Copenhagen.  I decided to concentrate on the things I am best at, instead of being responsible for a wide range of activities of a travel operator.  My main activities are now language service and coordination of visit programs.

Translation, interpretation, program coordination for delegations etc.

Thus since 2006 I have been running an  office doing mainly three things: translating, interpreting and coordinating programs for delegations who wish to learn about various aspects of the Danish society.

These activities present to me a constant chain of challenges, and I enjoy facing them, expanding my knowledge concerning all aspects of life in Denmark.